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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask us anything, this can be done by phone, email or by completing the form on our ‘Contact Us” page.

Who is DeeZign?

DeeZign is a progressive and amiable company, established in 2020.  We have served many of happy customers worldwide.

We manage every step of the production process.

We offer the best combination of premium-quality videos and superior services at an affordable price.

How long does it take to create a video?

As a guide, a video takes 4-5 weeks to complete from start to finish. An Explainer video takes 4-6 weeks.  These are just guidelines as it also depends on how long you take to provide us with feedback on the work in progress.


What is your process for producing videos?

Initially, we provide you with our Client Questionnaire which asks you about your business, your products or services, your target audience, your competitors etc.  It is designed to get you thinking about what you would like your video to achieve.

We then follow up with an online consultation call to dig deeper into the answers you have given and find out all the information.

We liaise with the client at each step of the project process to ensure that they are happy with the work before we compile the video, working on an unlimited corrections basis to ensure that you are happy with your finished video.

How long should my video last?

The ideal length of your video depends on what your viewer needs to know and understand about your business before they will be willing to take the next step (your call to action).

If you have an unconventional business, you might need to spend some time teaching the viewer how the business works, or you might just need to explain how you are better than your competitors.

The length of your video will also depend on the media you are presenting on.  For instance, if your video is for Instagram, it shouldn’t be longer than 70 seconds, however, a corporate video could be up to or over 10 minutes.  For example, training or health and safety videos, corporate presentation etc.

If I want to change part of the creative material later in the process, can I?

Yes, we do include corrections in our service, so if the images and music tracks aren’t what you expected when you approved the draft, we correct them until you are happy, there may be fees applicable depending on the package you have chosen.

We would also charge if you decided to rewrite the script of certain scenes once we had already created the images and/or voice track.  Therefore it is important that you are 100% happy with the script and storyboard when you approve them.

Can I speak regularly to DeeZign over the phone?

Yes, as your Project Manager we are here to assist you.  You can contact us by phone or email throughout the project.  After the initial consultation meeting/call, we find that email communication works best so we have a written record of all communications, but you can still talk to us over the phone if required.

Do you offer a discount if more than one video is required?

Yes, we do give multi-buy discounts.  The size of the discount is dependent on the total number of minutes/videos being ordered.

Do you have set packages?

Yes, we have 3 set packages, which are customised to your requirement, Our custom and corporate presentations are tailor-made for your specific requirements. We can supply everything, script, voiceover etc. or you can.  The quote will also depend on how long your video will be.

Does music make a difference to my video?

This is essentially a personal preference.  Music can make the video feel more professional, but it’s your choice whether or not to add a music track until the voiceover has been recorded.  Sometimes you may decide that it isn’t beneficial to add backing music, especially if your video is for training purposes.

Can I have a famous song as a soundtrack?

If you would like to spend thousands on royalty fees, then yes, but there is no need to worry! We have access to thousands of royalty-free music tracks from which you can choose, we are here to help you find the perfect music for your video.

Can you do a video in the style of someone else’s video?

Yes, we are flexible in our styles and we can arrange to emulate that style you are looking for.  Just send us a link to videos that you already like and we will be happy to help.